Facchino Azienda Vitivinicola
Facchino Azienda Vitivinicola

dolcetto di ovadaDOLCETTO DI OVADA D.O.C. 2020

This Dolcetto di Ovada D.O.C. produced by Facchino is a recognized geographical indication red wine. The taste of this wine is smooth, its red color is intense; this wine is characterized by scents of dried fruit that forecome a dry and full-bodied taste. The viny character of the scent is accompanied by notes of ripe cherry, raspberry and almond. Ideal is served with salami, sausages, parmesan cheese, soups, fresh pasta (i.e. agnolotti) and risotto.

Contact us for further details on this great red wine, a wine that can be appreciated during daily meals, but that will certainly make you feel well on any special occasions.


Dolcetto di Ovada D.O.C. 2020

Wine with a delicate flavor and a smooth taste; this characteristic product preserves the typicality of dolcetto grown on tufaceous soils known as “White Lands of Ovada”. A good product that tastes immediate, straight and without sharp hints; it expresses a good balance and its final persistence it leaves compact and sweet tannic hints.

Color: limpid, deep red wine with purple rim.

Scent: intense, persistent and fine, with notes of fruit, vegetables, balsams and spices, scents of almost ripe small forest red fruits, vegetables grown in the wood and light notes of ground white pepper.

Taste: dry, considerably fresh, full-bodied, fairly warm, properly tannic, medium-bodied and persistent and with a bitterish ground.

Aftertaste: typical tannic hint, with notes of fruit, vegetables, balsams and spices.

Best served with pasta, poultry, white roast meat and cheese.

Recommended serving temperature 18°C.

                                                              Ageing capacity: 6-7 years

Technical data

Vintage: 2020

Vine: 100% Dolcetto

Area of production: Rocca Grimalda

Vine altitude: 260 meters above sea level

Type of soil: clayey-calcareous, mainly calcareous

Training system: upwards-trained vertical-trellis

Trimming: Guyot

Layout of the vines: 0.90m x 2.60m

Density of the vines: about 4270 plants/Ha

Vintage: second ten days of September

Wine-making method

Maceration for 6-7 days a 25-26°C

Alcoholic fermentation: Controlled temperature (26°C) and regular delestage.

Analytical data

Alcoholic volume: 13,5% vol