Facchino Azienda Vitivinicola
Facchino Azienda Vitivinicola

cortese alto monferrato                Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato                                              

        Denominazione di Origine Controllata


Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato D.O.C. is one of the valuable white wines in the scenario of Piedmontese wines with recognized geographical indication, as well as one of the most famous aperitifs.

Pale yellow wine with greenish nuances. The typical scent of the vine is thin but persistent and it is accompanied by elegant notes of flowers and fruit. Its fresh taste and its balanced acidity make it the perfect partner for light starters and fish, as well as a great aperitif. Best served at 8°-10°C.

Contact us for further details on this wine, a typical expression of the potential of our territory; a young wine which is really unique in terms of finesse and incomparable in terms of typicality. This wine should be present in the cellars of any wine lovers.

Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato D.O.C. “Pacialan” 2020

Dry wine with a typical scent that is characterized by a smooth taste and by the light bitterish notes that make it even more pleasant.
Best served with fish or as aperitif.

Color:  crystal clear, light pale yellow with clear greenish nuances.
Scent: properly intense and persistent, fine, with scents of flowers and fruit, almost withered wild flowers, ripe golden apples and abbe fetel pears.
Taste: dry, fresh, very full-bodied, delicately warm, with balanced structure and persistence, characterized by a pleasant bitterish full-bodied ground.
Aftertaste: savory with notes of flowers and fruit.

Best served with starters and fish or as aperitif.
Recommended serving temperature 8-10°C

Technical data
Vintage: 2020
Vine: 100% Cortese
Area of production: Rocca Grimalda and Carpeneto
Vine altitude: 260 meters above sea level
Type of soil: clayey-calcareous
Exposure: south-south/west
Position: on a hill
Training system: upwards-trained vertical-trellis
Trimming: Guyot
Layout of the vines: 0.95m x 2.60m
Density of the vines: about 4000 plants/Ha
Harvest: second ten days of September
Wine-making method
Pressing: soft on entire grapes
Alcoholic fermentation: Controlled temperature (16-17°C)
Analytical data
Alcoholic volume: 12,5% vol