Facchino Azienda Vitivinicola
Facchino Azienda Vitivinicola

MONFERRATO Denominazione di Origine Controllata ROSSO  2013 “NOTE D’AUTUNNO”

Made from Albarossa grapes

albarossaThis wine is produced  in the area of Monferrato; it is a big wine with a recognized geographical indication able to satisfy any taster; definitely, a great red wine.

MONFERRATO Denominazione di Origine Controllata ROSSO 2013 “Note d’Autunno”

Made from Albarossa grapes

Deep red wine with purple nuances; the vinous scent is lightly spicy, with notes of red fruits like cherry. Its bodied structure and its high acidity make it a wine suitable for being aged in oak barrels for medium periods in order to strengthen its character. Once aged, its nuances tend to be more burgundy and its character becomes stronger but without sharp hints. This produce has got a great potential, it is wisely aged and it may have a very long life. Best served at 20 °C.

Contact us for further details on this great red wine produced in Monferrato, a very big wine obtained from Albarossa grapes. Although its name is easy – Albarossa – its content is complex. Very complex if we consider that its history started in 1938. It was a man’s reckless, the force of tradition, the knowledge acquired over time, a man’s fantasy and the uniqueness of the territory…
And, above all this, a history that is worth being told.

In 1938, professor Giovanni Dalmasso, one of the most renowned ampelographers that Italy has ever had, created it by combining “dad” Nebbiolo with “mum” Barbera attempting to melt in one single variety the characteristics and the qualities of these two vines of Piedmont.

Recently, ampelographers and genetic studies have discovered that Albarossa actually derives from the combination of Barbera and Nebbiolo di Dronero, which was then mistaken by professor Dalmasso for plain Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo di Dronero, also called Chatus, is a vine that has been historically grown on the slopes at the foot of Maritime Alps. Thus, it is a vine characterized by an absolutely Piedmontese soul.

However, the final result is a great wine that combines the power of a high alcohol volume with the velvet smoothness of an intense polyphenolic component, as well as with the preservation of a strong acid framework. The presence of anthocyans in the grapes is able to give this wine a deep color, which is supported by a strong, complex, well-structured, harmonic and smooth bouquet, with a rich and full taste.

Recommended serving temperature 18-20°C.

Ageing capacity: 15-20 years


Monferrato Denominazione di Origine Controllata Rosso 2013

Made from Albarossa grapes

A deep  red wine with purple nuances; the viny scent is lightly spicy, with hints of red fruits like cherry.

Its strong body and high acidity make this wine suitable for being aged in oak barrels for medium term periods. Once properly aged, it presents more burgundy nuances and a very strong character, although without sharp hints.

This product has got a great potential and – if properly aged – it may last a very long time. Best served at 20 °C.

Color: limpid, deep ruby red wine with purple rim.

Scent: intense, persistent, fine, wide and complex, with clear scents of fruit, balsams and spices of ripe cherry, blueberry and arbutus, dried mountain herbs, light tobacco, black pepper and wood.

Taste: dry, fresh, full-bodied, warm, pleasantly astringent, full but slim, of a strong persistence, with a pleasant bitterish ground.

Aftertaste: tannic hint and notes of fruit, vegetables and spices.

Technical data

Vintage: 2013

Vine: 100% Albarossa

Area of production: Rocca Grimalda and Carpeneto

Vine altitude: 260 meters above sea level

Type of soil: calcareous

Training system: upwards-trained vertical-trellis

Trimming: Guyot

Layout of the vines: 0.90m x 2.60m

Density of the vines: about 4270 plants/Ha

Vintage: second ten days of October

Wine-making method

Maceration for 8-9 days at 26-27°C

Alcoholic fermentation: Controlled temperature (26°C) and regular delestage.

Analytical data

Alcoholic volume: 14% vol